Bookish Gift Guide

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Hey everyone!  With Christmas just around the corner, I thought it would be the perfect time to share my bookish, holiday gift guide!  This list includes items on my own wish list, as well as items I would recommend to other bookworms.

Here we go!

Bookish Mugs

I love mugs! You especially can never go wrong with a literary-themed mug.  Personally, I really adore all the Anne of Green Gables mugs from Shop at Sullivan.  Who wouldn’t want to drink out of a mug with Gilbert Blythe’s face on it?! I also love how the Kindred Spirits mug captures the essence of Anne of Green Gables!

Book Sleeves

Y’all book sleeves are the gift you didn’t know you needed until you have one!  I have one book sleeve and I absolutely love it.  As someone who usually always carries a book with her, it is so useful and really does protect your books!  I want more! My book sleeve is from Story Time Sleeve, but there are so many different styles, sizes, and brands to choose from!



I love bookish clothing so much!!  I’m obsessed with Out of Print Clothing! I have a Nancy Drew sweatshirt from them that I bought a few years ago and it is one of the softest sweatshirts I’ve ever owned.  It’s held up really nicely throughout the years, too!  I also love the scarves Litographs sells.  I’ve been wanting one for ages now!  Literary Book Gifts also has a wide variety of of bookish shirts and tote bags featuring some of your favorite classic novels.  I need that Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland tote bag and that Wizard of Oz tee!  The creator, Melissa, was kind enough to offer a 20% off code for you all as well with the promo code: THECALICOBOOKS20!


Book Light

Another thing a bookworm is always in need of is a really nice reading light!  I really love my French Bull light I found at Target.  It has two heads which means I don’t have to keep adjusting the light!


Home Decor

Who doesn’t want a fun pillow or cozy blanket?!  I have been eyeing these blankets from Sweet Sequels for so long now!  I’m also obsessed with PaperFury’s designs for her pillows!


Hopefully this list will help with your Christmas shopping!

What’s on your wish list this year?


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Gifts to Buy to Buy a Bookworm that Aren’t Books

Gifts to Buy a Bookworm that Aren't Books.png

Hello!  Christmas and other gift-giving holidays are coming up super fast!  So, today, I’ve created a little gift giving guide for yourself, or to share with your friends and relatives who are looking for the perfect gift to give, but don’t know what books to get you.  So, here are some bookish gifts that aren’t actually books:

Anything from Out of Print Clothing

Y’all there are so many great options from Out of Print Clothing,  that you are sure to find something to please your bookish friend!  From t-shirts to sweatshirts, to pins, totes, mugs, and more, I honestly want the whole store.


I, personally, have bought a sweatshirt and a t-shirt from Out of Print, and they are both SO nice.  I love the quality, and the sweatshirt is the coziest, warmest thing ever!  Plus, each purchase helps fund literacy programs and donate books to communities who are in need.  It’s a win-win for us all!

Bookish Candles

Everybody  loves a good scented candle, and if it’s related to your favorite book? Even better!  There are so many candle shops that dedicate themselves to making candles inspired by your favorite books, movies, and TV shows!  While I haven’t tried any for myself, yet, I’ve heard so many good things about them, especially from Nerdwicks, Wick and Fable, and Novelly Yours Candles.


Anything from Litographs

Litographs is such a fun and unique shop!  It prints the full text of books on shirts, scarves, totes, and posters!  There are so many books to choose from, and Litographs is just a really cool company.


Items from Society6 and/or Redbubble

There are so many beautiful bookish designs out there on Society6 and Redbubble created by artists all over the world.  These are similar to Etsy shops, so simply type in what you are looking for, and so many different bookish options will show up!  I especially love the shops from Evie Seo, PaperFury, and BookwormBoutique!



And finally, when in doubt, buy a bookmark!  From fancy and elaborate, handmade bookmarks on Etsy, to super cute tiny ones from Walmart, I love them all.  Bookmarks are so fun to collect, and us bookworms are always in search of one!


Hopefully this helped with your Christmas shopping just a little bit!  This post definitely made my wishlist grow, lol!

What’s on your wishlist? Also, are you finished Christmas shopping yet?

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