Summer Reading Goals 2019!

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Hey everyone! It is summertime again! 🙌🏼  The summer months are my favorite, and it feels so great to be swimming and gardening again.  Today I’ll be sharing with you all my bookish related goals for the summer.  Typically, I count my summer reading from approximately Memorial Day to Labor Day – late May through early September.  So, I’ve already started working towards those goals.

Without further ado, here are my 2019 summer reading goals! 🎉

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Summer Reading Goals 2018!

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Hey everyone!  Summertime is officially upon us!  It has been super hot all week, and I’ve been loving being able to go swimming and taking care of my garden.  I just love summer!  Today, I’ve decided to share with you all my summer reading goals for 2018.  Some of them will be the same from last year, and others will be new.  Like always, I count my summer reading from approximately Memorial Day to Labor Day – late May through early September. So, be sure to check back at the end of summer to see if I was able to reach my goals!

Okay, let’s get started:

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The Hedgeathon 2017 Wrap-Up!


Hey everyone!  Today I wanted to share with you all what I read for this year’s Hedgeathon.  The Hedgeathon is an annual summer read-a-thon hosted by the lovely Natalie from The Hedgie Press.  I participated last year, and had such a blast, so I was really excited for The Hedgeathon this year.  Unfortunately, I didn’t complete the challenge this year, but that’s okay, because the books I did read, I ended up really enjoying!

The goal/challenge of this readathon was to complete at least 5 of the challenges.  I only completed 2 – better luck next year, I guess? 🙈

Below is the complete list of challenges, and the ones I crossed off are the ones I completed, and which book I read!

Pick a book that is/has…

  1. A summer romance: A book involving a summer fling of some sort.

2. A blue cover:  Inspired by this photo. Your book doesn’t have to be from that photo it just has to have blue on the cover.

I finally read The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey!

3. A new release: A book that came out in 2017.

I read Once and For All by Sarah Dessen, and it did not disappoint!

4. About a road trip- This was on the list last year and it is one of my favorites.

5. That takes place in a school setting: This can be college or high school.

6. Historical fiction:  Or historical nonfiction if you prefer.

7. Takes place somewhere other than Earth: Space, a space ship, mars, anywhere other than here.

8. A random book on your shelf: Close your eyes, spin around three times and pick a book.

Unfortunately, I just didn’t read that much, but that’s okay!  I still had fun, and I look forward to next year’s Hedgeathon!

Thanks for reading!

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Summer Reading Goals 2017!

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It’s that time of year again!  The sun is shining, gardens are growing, the pool is open…It’s summertime!  I absolutely love the summer months.  So, today I thought I’d share my reading goals for Summer 2017!  Also, just to be clear I generally count my “summer reading” from Memorial Day to Labor Day – late May through early September.

1. Read at Least 20 Books


Last year my summer reading goal was 15 books, and I read 20, so I thought this year I’d just make my goal 20 books!

2. Complete My Library’s Summer Reading Program

library card gangsta gif

My library has a great summer reading program for all ages that not only encourages reading, but also exercising.  I love participating and look forward to it each summer!

3. Read More Classics

Image result for old books gif

I used to try and read a classic once a month, but for this year so far, I haven’t read any!

4. Read Gone with the Wind

Going off my last goal, one of the classics I want to read is Gone with the Wind.  So many people absolutely love this book, and I have never read it or even seen the movie.  I admit, I’m a little intimidated by this book because it is h u g e, but I feel like summer would be the perfect time to conquer such a mammoth!

5. Finish Some Series!

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I have so many series on my shelf that I have started, and even own all the books, but have yet to finish!  I’d really like to actually see how all those awesome series I’ve started end.

6. Reread The Book Thief

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I read The Book Thief a few years ago, and completely fell in love with it.  I haven’t read it since, but I’ve been meaning to for a long time.  I wanted to reread it last summer, but never got around to it, so hopefully this summer I can!

7. Participate in a Readathon

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I love readathons!  They give me the perfect push to read more.  I know there are probably many out there, but I’m still looking for one to participate it in.  So, if you know of any, let me know!

Those are my reading goals for the summer!  What are yours?  Let me know in the comments. 🙂

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Summer Reading Goals Wrap-Up


Hey everyone!  So, in the beginning of summer I wrote a post telling you all about my reading goals for the summer.  Well, since summer 2016 is over now (*sad face*), I thought I’d look back at my goals and see which ones I accomplished, and which goals I need to work on for next summer!

1. Read at least 15 books

I diiiid it!! From Memorial Day to Labor Day I actually read 20 books! I am super pleased with myself, and actually am very surprised that I not only reached my goal, but surpassed it!


2. Complete my library’s summer reading program

Check!  I read for all 50 days and ended up with a nifty T-shirt and a free smoothie coupon!

Image result for having fun isn't hard library card gif

3. Reread some old favorites

This is one goal I still need to work on.  I am currently rereading Twilight, so maybe this one half counts…or maybe half of a half…or not. lol  It’s just so hard for me to reread books when there are so many books I haven’t read yet, but then I really do want to revisit my old favorites…! #thestruggleisreal

4. Read more classics

My goal was to read at least 2 classics each month.  I ended up only reading 1 classic a month, but hey, at least I stayed on track for the Classics Challenge!  Also, I truly enjoyed all three of the classics I read.  So, even though I didn’t read as many classics as I intended to, I still feel like I sort of achieved this goal.  I’d say this one half counts, though! 😉

Image result for wishbone reading gif

10 points if you know who Wishbone is! 😉

5. Conquer my TBR…or at least tame it…

I feel like I achieved this goal.  Obviously, I still have a huge TBR pile, but I ended up reading some books that I’d had for quite a while.  Also, I didn’t really buy very many books, and I only checked out 4 library books all summer – which is unheard of for me!  I really wanted to focus on reading the books that I already owned this summer, and I feel like I did that.

thumbs up shaun the sheep movie lgtm looks good 2016 oscar nominations


6. Participate in the Hedgeathon 2016

The Hedgeathon was a summer read-a-thon, and it was created by Natalie at Books and Quills.  I just narrowly managed to finish it on time, but it was so much fun!  I actually wrote wrap-up post specifically for the Hedgeathon.  If you’re interested, here it is!

page tumblr life water text

Well, that wraps up my reading for summer 2016!  Overall, I had a pretty great summer, and I hope you all did, too.  I’m super sad summer is over, but I admit, I am looking forward to fall now.  Nothing is cozier than a nice cup of tea (or a Pumpkin Spice Latte, if that’s more your style 😉 ), a warm blanket,  and a really good book.

season fall autumn seasons first day of fall

Hedgeathon Reading Wrap-Up!


This summer I participated in Books and Quills’ Hedgeathon Summer Reading Challenge.  I had so much fun, and just narrowly finished it (I didn’t think I was going to make it there for a while…I’m not even gonna lie, I finished my last book for this challenge at 11:55 PM on July 31st…*phew*)!

phew celebrities relief lisa edelstein sweet relief

The challenge was to read a book related to at least 8 of these prompts (the ones I read are crossed off, and list which book it was below!):

1. A classic This needs to be an older book, and one that is generally classified as a classic.

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

2. Overly-hyped- You know what I’m talking about. Pick one of those books that no one can seem to stop gushing over and talking about. They aren’t bad books they are just hyped.

3. By an indie author–  This could be a self-published book, one written by a less well known author, or even a novel you found on Wattpad, the possibilities are endless.

A Thousand Salt Kisses by Josie Demuth

4. Something you normally wouldn’t readTry a new genre or format.

The Princess Saves Herself in This One by Amanda Lovelace

5. Actually a novella– Shorter than a novel and less popular but just as good.

Never Never by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher

6. Over 400 pagesFinally time to tackle that long book you never pick up.

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

7. A movie as well– either book that has a movie based off of it or one that is based off a movie.

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

8. A true story– Time to bust out the non-fiction!

9. Recommended by a friend– Or me, or someone one else in the challenge.

Runaway by Dandi Daley Mackall

10. A retelling– These are super popular right now, and I have yet to read one.

Ash by Malinda Lo

11.One you bought only because of the cover– Don’t lie, we all do it at some point.

12. About a road trip- Because we can’t all actually go on one this summer.

Like I said, this was a lot of fun!  Thank you so much to Natalie for creating such a fun readathon.  This was the first real readathon that I got to participate in with my blog!  I ended up reading some really great books that I might not have read yet if it hadn’t been for these challenges. 🙂

book disney books


Summer Reading Goals 2016!

Summer Reading (1).jpg

Hey everyone!  Today I want to talk about my reading goals for this summer.  I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now, and I decided that since today is officially the first day of summer, it’s time for me to actually write it!  Just to be clear, I generally count my “summer reading” from approximately Memorial Day to Labor Day.  So, late May through early September.

1. Read at least 15 books

book disney books

I realize that this is a bit of an ambitious goal being that I only read 17 books from January through May.  I’ve done it before though, and I can do it again!  I have a lot more time to read during the summer months.

2. Complete my library’s summer reading program

Caroline Huber 90s cartoons nerd library

I love participating in my library’s summer reading program!  It’s super easy to complete, too.  All I have to do is read 26 days and do some sort of physical activity (swimming, walking, gardening, etc.) for 26 days as well.  If I manage to read 50 days, I get an additional prize.  Being that I read everyday, that shouldn’t be a problem for me!

3. Reread some old favorites

Disney reading books beauty and the beast belle

There are so many amazing books out there that I haven’t read, that sometimes I forget about all the books I already love.  This summer, I want to reminisce and reread at least a few of my old favorites.

4. Read more classics

library movie sweet books hand

I’m already participating in ThePrettyBook’s 2016 Classics Challenge, so I already try to read at least one classic a month.  However, I’d really like to try and read at least two a month this summer.

5. Conquer my TBR…or at least tame it…

books lee pace pushing daisies book porn

My TBR pile is out of control, and yet I keep buying more books!  My goal this summer is to actually read more of the books that I already own, so I don’t have hundreds of books on my shelves that I haven’t even read.

6. Participate in The Hedgeathon 2016 by Natalie @ Books and Quills


This looks like a really fun, summer readathon!  There are 12 different challenges, but you only have to complete 8 to “win.”  It started June 1st, and goes all the way through July 31st.  You can read all about the Hedgeathon, its challenges, and how to participate by clicking here!

Well, that about sums up my summer reading goals.  What are yours?

Reading Rainbow reaction funny dance dancing

Also, I stumbled across this beauty of a GIF and just had to include it.  That’s me every time I go to the library! Hahaha!